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Training Tuesday – Peak Performance


ICBA’s BC Construction Training Centre is dedicated to connecting members and the rest of the construction industry with the training they need for their employees and their companies to get ahead.

Every Tuesday is now Training Tuesday on the ICBA Independent Blog, and each week we’ll highlight an exciting new course coming up. Check in for what’s ahead – and what can help you with your bottom line. This week it’s about tapping into peak performance.

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Higher public pay means smaller cheques for taxpayers

The Province newspaper missed the mark in its Jan. 25 editorial on the Fraser Institute’s recent study showing that government workers get pay that’s almost 14% higher than people doing the same work in the private sector. In fact, public sector workers are getting rich at the expense of taxpayers. Public pensions and pay are so rich that bureaucrats can retire an average of three years earlier than private sector workers.

ICBA submitted a letter to the Province making this very point.

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Sun article shows public pay much richer than private

The Vancouver Sun’s Don Cayo has an excellent column today on the pay premium in the public sector – based on a new report from the Fraser Institute. The findings are that B.C. public-sector workers (federal, provincial, and local) earned wages 13.6 per cent higher, on average, than their private-sector counterparts. That’s just wages – it doesn’t include the richer benefits and longer vacation times enjoyed by civil servants.

ICBA looked at the trend – and its economic impacts – in its Summer 2012 Construction Monitor. Given recent raises in the public sector it’s clear that governments of every level are making paycheques smaller for taxpayers so the already bigger paycheuqes for bureaucrats of every level can continue to grow and grow.