new-workingin-logo-300pxOne of the challenges ICBA members face is finding the right person for the right job. With skill shortages looming in British Columbia, companies are having to look further and further afield for new hires.

But small companies face a challenge – how do they tap into the vast pool of skilled workers ready to come to Canada and work? ICBA members now have access to recruitment fairs around the world at a discount thanks to a new partnership with Working In, the company that puts on these recruitment events across the globe.

Skilled construction workers in Ireland and the UK are being attracted to BC this March through targeted international employment events in London, Dublin, Manchester and Aberdeen.  ICBA’s discount rates apply to either attending these events or to targeting the event visitors through online job listings.

These job fairs have been running for more 10 years and are a proven mechanism to target people who have decided to migrate to Canada. Click here to see the special ICBA rates. And you can get more details on the events here.

For those unable to travel, they can receive resumes from some of the 10,000 expected visitors to the events – ICBA members get a 50% discount on web profiles on

For more information about how to join the overseas recruitment mission or how to get your jobs on the website, please contact Brendan McGerty at or at (347) 329-4640.