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Training Tuesday – Managing Your Time


What is the one thing everyone needs more of? Time! If time is money, how much is lost to the bottom line simply because hard-working employees “don’t have the time”? When working on a project, timing is essential. If you get behind on one part of the project, the entire thing can be set back hours, or even days.

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Safety head’s up on stored flammable materials


The BC Construction Safety Alliance is giving construction companies a safety head’s up after an explosion on a Saanich jobsite after a propane tank being stored with a barbecue inside a construction container somehow ignited. It was the second explosion in recent months related to stored flammable materials on a construction worksite.

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Apprentices Can Power Up Your Company

Construction companies looking for a little bench depth and the opportunity to help the next generation break into the business have the perfect opportunity with to partner with the Coquitlam School District.

That district’s Secondary School Apprenticeship program has a handful of Level 1 Construction Electrician Apprentices ready and able to apply their classroom training and practical lessons in the real world with local firms. It’s their requirement to get on-the job training.

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Poll Shows NDP Labour Platform Lacks Support


A poll released today by the  Coalition of BC Businesses (which ICBA is part of and which represents small businesses in 13 sectors of the BC economy) shows that the NDP platform is out of touch with what British Columbians want when it comes to workplace rules and the labour code.

Their research found that more than two-thirds of people want to keep the secret ballot vote for union certification, believe that most employees are treated fairly by small businesses, and agree that current employment policies protect employees.

Full details on the poll are available here.


NDP bringing back union-only construction contracts

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ICBA has found a shocking promise buried in the NDP platform released this week – a commitment that can only be read as a return to union-only work on government construction contracts.

They commit to using project agreements for government funded work — which as the media release we put out this morning maps out, really means they want to make these project building trade only.

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Speaking on the Sun

22 April 2013 Sun Interview

Sun TV stopped by the ICBA offices today to interview President Philip Hochstein about the NDP shakedown fundraising letter targeting the business community. Hochstein said it’s part of a pattern of bullying that is part and parcel of the way the NDP operates.

Brush up your safety over bacon and eggs


Our colleagues at the BC Construction Safety Alliance are looking to help firms brush up on their safety over a free breakfast at a pair of session in the Lower Mainland in May.

The highlight will be a presentation on the hard facts around the new psychological health and safety legislation. Companies will leave with next steps for their operations.

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