bcctc_logo_low_resWhat is the one thing everyone needs more of? Time! If time is money, how much is lost to the bottom line simply because hard-working employees “don’t have the time”? When working on a project, timing is essential. If you get behind on one part of the project, the entire thing can be set back hours, or even days.

In this leading edge Time Management Workshop attendees will gain a new mindset, skillset, and toolset that will optimize their personal productivity by learning how to produce greater results in less time. Improved time management skills mean increased productivity, met deadlines, and a positive impact on all aspects of your business. This course is Gold Seal certified.

Benefits of Attending

  • Participants learn how to gain and keep control of competing priorities, concurrent projects and critical deadlines.
  • Participants will learn powerful lessons about themselves, enhancing self-understanding so they can leverage their personal strengths and develop strategies to minimize the impact of their weakness.
  • The focus on practicality means that people walk out with ideas and techniques they can apply the next day.

Where and When
Friday, May 10
Kelowna, BC
Course Information and Registration

Tuesday, May 28
Burnaby, BC
Course Information and Registration

Wednesday, June 19
Nanaimo, BC
Course Information and Registration


Other courses coming up soon:

Quality Floor Slab Construction seminar on May 10 will provide best practices for the construction of quality concrete floor slabs, as well as practical tips to minimize defects and deliver good quality workmanship. Topics covered: Slab on grade construction components; Suspended slab construction components; Types of finishes and procedures; Curing requirements and benefits; Common problems and defects; Troubleshooting; and Specialty slabs.

Supervisors Bootcamp – Practical Leadership Tools for Front Line Supervisors on May 15 is designed specifically for front-line supervisors in all industries. Participants will be given a leadership ‘tool kit’ comprised of the simplest but most effective leadership concepts, from which they can effectively build and develop their own leadership style, specific to themselves and their environment. This course is Gold Seal certified.

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