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Math course targets trades


Measure twice and cut once is a mantra in the construction business. You have to make sure everything is right before you take action. And you have to know your numbers to get it right.

That’s what makes Sprott Shaw College’s new Math for Trades course so valuable for construction companies. The course is a basic math refresher targeting the essential numeracy skills required for a construction electrician, as well as preparing other students for other construction or trades apprentice programs.

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HD Mining wins for B.C. economy

HD Mining

Great news out of the courts this week – HD Mining successfully defended its case against two big unions for the right to bring in temporary foreign workers to do test work on the Murray River Project underground coal mine.

ICBA raised its voice on the issue in the past because the project – like all resource development projects – means plenty of work for our members who win contracts on the project, as well as all the economic spinoffs felt in local communities.

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Bid two-envelope bids goodbye

bchousing logo

ICBA has just learned of some great news for contractors looking to put a bid in on work on BC Housing projects – their two-envelope bid system is dead.

Instead the provincial crown agency that develops, manages, and administers subsidized housing options in B.C. has returned to a pre-qualification system for its projects, meaning companies will know ahead of time whether they are even qualified to bid on projects.
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Training Tuesday – Building Better Foremen


Many great tradespeople take a foreman position and fail. Not for lack of skills or drive but simply for lack of guidance on how to be a great foreman. That’s why ICBA is bringing its one-day course to Victoria on June 6 so foremen can get a handle on the fundamentals of field leadership, organization, crew morale, efficiency, and productivity.

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Training Tuesday – Hazard Recognition and Control


ICBA’s Hazard Recognition and Control session is designed to provide participants the required knowledge to understand the principle of hazard recognition and control as well as the methods used to ensure hazards are identified and adequately addressed in the workplace.

At the end of the sessions participants will have an understanding of the requirements for identifying hazards, the tools required to assess the identified hazards and score them by priority, and methods to take the information gathered and develop Safe Work Procedures to mitigate the hazards.

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