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Session stirs up construction productivity tips

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Promoting productivity is a key way construction contractors can get an edge on their competitors – and pass on savings to their clients.

That’s why companies should take a look at Pacific Business & Law Institute’s day-long Maximizing Construction Productivity session slated for Sept. 17 in Vancouver.

This forum will feature some of North America’s top experts in construction claims analysis and the pre-eminent global practitioner of Integrated Project Delivery. Participants should come away with cutting-edge advice for addressing the most pressing issues facing the construction industry today.

Traditional contract models can foster cost inflation, poor communications and problem solving, a “silo” approach to project delivery, loss of productivity, and disputes. The day-long session will look at innovative contract models which are evolving in the US and Canada and which address these effects and their main causes.

Participants will also find out why Integrated Project Delivery contract models is gaining acceptance, and how it works to lower project costs for the owner, reduce loss of productivity, costs and related claims, and at the same time provide real incentives and rewards for project participants, including the owner, designer, construction manager, contractors, trades and suppliers.

You can check out their website and registration information here.

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