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The BC Construction Monitor: Federal Election Issue



Federal #Elxn2015: Big Gains are at Risk


We’re in the home stretch of a long election campaign that three parties are in serious contention to win. In part, that’s no doubt due to the inherent appeal that “change” tends to have whenever a long-standing government asks for another term. But “change” to what? And at what risk to the many gains we’ve made over the past decade?

The Conservatives have a clear track record. They have delivered low taxes, a return to balanced budgets, strong infrastructure investment, and economic performance and job growth that’s the envy of many other countries. These are gains well worth protecting.

The Conservatives understand the value of leaving more money in the pockets of businesses and individuals. They respect the fact that each of us is best positioned to make our own decisions about the spending that we and our families will benefit from most. In contrast, the other parties offer top-down policies, suffocating tax hikes and questionable budgetary plans.

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