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Getting to Yes: It’s where British Columbians want to be


Recently, I was pleased to state ICBA’s support for the $5.4 billion Trans Mountain Expansion Project, in National Energy Board hearings held here in Vancouver. This major project is just one of many proposed right now which represent exceptional economic development opportunities for BC and Canada.

Energy infrastructure, mining and production facilities, port expansion, clean energy development… There are proponents eager to move ahead with all of these. But every single such project has its opponents, and they often see already long and complex review processes as prime opportunities to delay and derail.

There’s certainly a lot of that going on with respect to Trans Mountain. In fact, a casual observer of the hearings might have concluded that supporters like myself were in the minority. But recent polling from NRG Research Group proves that’s not the case. In fact, the results clearly indicate that British Columbians understand the importance of natural-resource and other types of major projects, and are confident we can pursue them in an environmentally responsible way. Read more

Register for Industry Outlook 2016

Following last year’s sold out Annual Industry Outlook, we are pleased to host a new panel of key experts from industries that drive BC’s diverse economy. For many of British Columbia’s industries, 2016 is projected to be a landmark year for balanced, steady growth, seizing new opportunities to grow our economy and building prosperity for our province.


These leaders will provide brief and crisp overviews of their sector for the year ahead as well as details about what to expect in 2017. Their unique and informed province-wide perspective on capital expenditure will allow you to take advantage and plan for opportunities arising this year and next.

Read more

In case you missed it:

News from the last 30 days that is shaping the industry

B.C. court rules against Site C dam protesters, says campers can be removed

Opponents of a hydroelectric dam in northeastern British Columbia have suffered another setback follo

wing a court decision granting a request from BC Hydro to remove protesters camped out illegally near the megaproject’s construction site. READ MORE…

Chilliwack farmer says he’s among silent majority in favour of oil pipelines


Yarrow resident and business owner Bill Tuytel discusses the Trans Mountain pipeline right-of
-way that runs through his property. READ MORE…


Second pro-Ajax delegation appears before Kamloops council


Raising the spectre of the 1980s recession, a pair of Kamloops businessmen has urged city council to keep an open mind when it comes time to state an opinion on the proposed Ajax copper and gold mine. READ MORE…


Opinion: Exporting natural gas to Asia a realistic opportunity


Technological innovation has radically changed North America’s natural gas market and left the continent flush with a resource that only a decade ago was thought to be in short supply.  READ MORE…

5 tips for preventing benefits abuse and claims fraud


Benefits fraud comes in several forms, including fraudulent claims for health services. In most cases, these schemes include claims for services not actually rendered, providers performing services outside of their practice or even unlicensed individuals performing insurable services.

The best thing any plan sponsor can do to mitigate health benefits claims abuse is to take active steps to prevent it from occurring. Here is our list of 5 tips for preventing benefits fraud:

  1. Prevention
    It is better to prevent fraud from happening in the first place. Ensure that you have strategies in place to help prevent fraud from occurring.
  2. Deterrence
    Similar to prevention, anything that can be done to deter fraudsters from acting is a good thing. The penalties involved should be made clear. Where possible, making an example out of employees who defraud your plan will help deter others from even thinking about it. Read more

New endowment fund will help train the next generation of construction professionals


gord and lindsay

At the CEO breakfast, Thompson River University became the first recipient of ICBA’s newest Construction Foundation Award. Accepting the $25,000 award was Lindsay Langill, Dean of Trades. The endowment will go towards training the next generation of construction industry professionals by supporting students in their pursuit of in-demand trades in B.C. It will also help eliminate financial barriers faced by the younger generation as they continue their education and training.

ICBA will contribute to universities and colleges in B.C. as part of the 40th anniversary legacy, and this award is the first of many. The donation comes at a time when many major projects are poised for approval and the industry will see an increased demand for construction workers and skilled

BC Hydro reaches out to improve service for contractors

Many ICBA members have expressed frustration with promises of service by a certain date from BC Hydro only to be disappointed. In fact, when contractors put together a risk registry for a job, service from BC Hydro is always near the top of the list.

VANCOUVER, B.C.: AUGUST 11 2011 - The BC Hydro building at 333 Dunsmuir, Vancouver, August 11 2011. Gerry Kahrmann / PNG staff photo) ( For Prov News )

BC Hydro and ICBA have put together a working group focused on improving Hydro’s customer service.  Rick Boates, chair of ICBA and president of Unitech Construction along with Ron Chambers of Chambers Electric, Werner Friesen of Berts Electric, Steve Nemetz of Nemetz & Associates, and Ron Gabel of Darwin Construction have begun meeting with senior officials from BC Hydro on issues that have been raised by our members. Read more

BC is a beacon for investment and opportunities, experts suggest

Screenshot 2016-02-26 12.43.34

At the 19th annual CEO breakfast, B.C. Finance Minister Mike de Jong and economist Mark Casaletto confirmed that B.C. will continue to be a beacon for investment and a driving force for opportunities in Canada. Speaking to a crowd of nearly 300, they re-enforced a positive economic outlook for the province.

Minister de Jong announced the government’s fourth consecutive balanced budget, and says that B.C. will be an economic leader in Canada for at least the next three years. He projects a surplus of $400 to $600 million this fiscal year, and that the growth will be “solid, steady, and stable.” Read more