Across northern and other resource-dependent areas of B.C., many people and businesses are coping with a lot of uncertainty right now. Low energy and other commodity prices have resulted in belt tightening and layoffs, and nothing could be more welcome than a major infusion of new jobs.LNG Photo

Construction of Pacific Northwest is expected to extend over about four years, and at peak activity it will create as many as 4,500 jobs. Those will be well-paid and highly skilled opportunities – ranging from welding and ironwork, to engineering and environmental management. The training opportunities involved will also serve BC workers and the BC economy well for decades to come.

When in operation the project will provide up to 330 direct, long-term operational jobs, and some 300 spinoff jobs just in the local area alone. Few if any other ready-to-proceed projects have as much potential to support the jobs for BC workers and livelihoods for BC families.