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Enduring Power of Attorney

There are some common misconceptions among people in Canada about the need for an EPA that can lead to inefficiencies when they are least needed.

Everything is joint with my spouse:

While you are able to make many financial accounts jointly held, there are certain assets such as RSP’s and Tax Free Savings Accounts that are not able to be jointly held.  Without an EPA, your spouse may not be able to access these assets should you need them.   Along these lines, your principle residence is likely jointly held.  To be able to access the value of your home through sale or to borrow against the equity in your home, both signatures are likely required.

We already have an ordinary Power of Attorney in place:

As of September 2011, an ordinary Power of Attorney is no longer valid if the person who granted the Power of Attorney becomes incapacitated.   If there is no EPA in place, the court does have the power to appoint people to manage your affairs, but this can be very time consuming, costly and contentious at a time when legal and financial issues should be secondary to health concerns for all involved.  If you have a Power of Attorney that is more than five years old, it would be recommended to review the changes by the BC Provincial Government.

There is a very useful link on the Province of British Colombia website ( under “Incapacity Planning” which outlines considerations you will want to make when looking at your entire Estate Planning scenario.  While this is a topic that is very difficult to discuss, it may be the most important piece of your Estate Plan that will protect you and those around you if they are forced to deal with incapacity.

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Upcoming Trans Mountain Ministerial Panels


The public is welcome at all sessions. Formal registration is not required. Send an email to indicating your preferred time and location to assist with their planning.

Schedules and venues will be updated on the Major Projects Management Office website here. All times below are local.

August 9: Burnaby BC, Hilton Vancouver Metrotown, Crystal Ballroom
1000-1200: Environmental NGO roundtable
1300-1430: Local government roundtable #1
1500-1630: Local government roundtable #2

August 10: Burnaby BC, Hilton Vancouver Metrotown, Crystal Ballroom
0930-1030: Education roundtable
1100-1200: NGO roundtable
1330-1700: Public town hall

August 11: Burnaby BC, Hilton Vancouver Metrotown, Crystal Ballroom
1330-1500: Economic round-table
1630-2000: Public town hall

August 16: Vancouver BCV
Socio-economic NGO roundtable
Transportation roundtable
Economic roundtable
Local government roundtable

August 17: Vancouver BC
NGO roundtable
Public town hall

August 18: Vancouver BC
First Nations roundtable
Environmental NGO roundtable

August 19: North Vancouver BC, North Vancouver District Hall
1030-1200: Local government roundtable
1430-1900: Public town hall

August 22: Victoria BC
Local government roundtable
First Nations roundtable

August 23: Victoria BC
NGO roundtable
public town hall

2016 Award for Construction Workplace Health and Safety Innovation now open

ICBA and WorkSafeBC are pleased to announce that the 2016 Award for Construction Workplace Health and Safety Innovation is now open for entries from ICBA members and their employees. 


The Workplace Health and Safety Innovation Award is presented annually to acknowledge individuals and companies for their efforts in the prevention of workplace incidents, injuries and illnesses. By honouring safety leaders and sharing their ideas ICBA and WorkSafe BC hope to encourage new programs, policies, and projects that improve the health and safety of workers. The award recognizes the employee or team of employees who come up with an innovative program, policy, tool or project that demonstrates a proven accomplishment in the area of health and safety for the construction industry sector. There is a $5,000 prize for the best submission and will be presented at the ICBA AGM on Monday, October 3 at the Executive Hotel & Conference Centre Burnaby. Eligibility All employees of ICBA member companies are eligible for the Annual Awards for Innovation in Workplace Health and Safety for Construction.

Please click here for an application form. Or click here for the submission guidelines and information.


Debunking the Myths: Project Review Processes and the Environment

Once again, the review process for major projects has come under scrutiny as the vocal minority ramps up last-ditch efforts to halt projects like Pacific NorthWest LNG and Trans Mountain expansion. These project reviews exist to ensure that only responsible resource development projects are recommended for approval, and that the project meet the goals of the environment, economy, and social sustainability.

Throughout July, we will debunk the top 4 myths plaguing the project review process.

MYTH 1: Reviews do not adequately study impact to wildlife and the ecosystem

The suggestion that project reviews do not sufficiently study the environmental impact of a project devalues the expertise of scientists and engineers who spend thousands of hours documenting and researching the water, air and land around a project. These experts study the local ecosystems and wildlife, documenting and reporting on their findings, and present their research to the Environmental Assessment Office. Read more