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ANALYSIS: Secret Ballots Protect Workers’ Democratic Rights

John Horgan and the NDP just can’t help themselves – their big union funders want to strip workers of their democratic right to a secret ballot, so Horgan says, “Okey-dokey.” From an interview with The Vancouver Sun and Province:

Why do the unions want this so bad? Because evidence shows that sometimes, union support drops when people get to vote in secret. From a Manning Centre analysis:

British Columbia labour laws require a union to file signed cards for at least 45% of employees in a proposed bargaining to trigger a secret ballot vote administered by neutral government officials…

it was possible to obtain the percentages of employees who voted in favour of union certification for the years 2009- 2015. During that period, the data shows there were at least 34 instances where the percentage of employees who voted in favour of a union dropped by at least 15 percentage points (from the threshold of 45% of cards required to obtain a secret ballot vote).

During the 2009-2015 period, there were four instances where a union filed cards for at least 45% of employees (again, the exact percentages aren’t available due to cost considerations), yet, when it came time to vote in favour of joining a union, 0% actually supported unionization.

For more on why the secret ballot is important, click HERE for a video by ICBA President Chris Gardner.

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