Do you understand contract law and how it relates to construction? Do you know how the BC Builders Lien Act works, and how to resolve construction disputes and avoid litigation? If your answer is no, our training department has the course for you!

Our Construction Law workshop takes place over two days; here’s what covered:

  • The basic concepts of contract law
  • CCA, CCDC and other contracts
  • Legal terms used in contracts
  • Bidding process and contractual obligations
  • Specifications, drawings and the contractual hierarchy
  • Contractual relationships between contractor and sub-contractor 
  • Compiling and submitting proper extras and claims
  • Defining back charges and how to avoid them
  • Avoiding construction disputes and claims from the site level
  • Writing RFIs and Change Orders 
  • The dispute resolution process
  • The Builder’s Lien Act
  • The Small Claims process
  • Environmental law
  • Safety legislation and regulations

By the end of the course, you will understand the basics of contract law, be familiar with various CCDC/CCA contracts, understand the contract responsibilities of various parties, and much more!

You’ll also earn 28 Group B CPD Points from BC Housing, and 5 Gold Seal Credits. To register for one of our upcoming sessions, visit, or subscribe to our bi-weekly training newsletter at

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