How are your writing skills? Could they be better? Is your writing effective and focused on what you need to get across to the reader?

Our Writing Effective Letters, Scope Documents, Reports and Proposals course will teach you to write more effectively. The skills you’ll learn will stick with you throughout your career. Previous participants have told us that the course made them rethink how they wrote, and that it gave them a better understanding of how to prepare their documents.

Some of the topics the course covers are:

  • Planning your scope documents;
  • Writing concisely;
  • Crafting effective emails and letters;
  • Responding to bids and proposals;
  • Structuring your reports and project documentation.

Our training department is offering the course in April in Kelowna, and in Burnaby in May. Visit for more information on this and any of our other courses. While you’re there, subscribe to our newsletter! You’ll receive bi-weekly updates on upcoming courses in your area. Subscribe now at