Everyone deals with stress, and sometimes that stress leads to anger. But you’re in luck! We have two of our popular courses coming up this fall that deal with both issues: Managing Stress in the Workplace, and Understanding Anger and Healthy Responses!

In our Managing Stress workshop, you’ll learn how to recognize stress, how it affects your work and personal life, and some effective strategies for handling stress in the workplace. You’ll also learn how to reduce your stress and set goals for effectively managing both internal and external stressors. Plus, you’ll earn 7 Group A CPD Points from BC Housing! Interested? Our first session takes place on September 10 in Prince George, followed by September 17 in Fort St John, October 1 in Victoria, October 22 in Burnaby, and October 25 in Kelowna!

In our Understanding Anger and Healthy Responses workshop, you’ll learn how to understand and manage anger constructively, both your own and that of others. You’ll also learn conflict de-escalation techniques and how to build resilience. We have sessions of this course scheduled in Prince George on September 11, in Fort St John on September 18, in Victoria on October 2, in Kelowna on October 26, and in Burnaby on November 16.

You can register for these or any of our other courses at www.icba.ca/courses!