Microsoft Project is one of the world’s most popular project management software packages, and we want to teach you to use it! Our next two-day Microsoft Project workshop takes place in Burnaby on October 15-16, followed by an advanced course on November 22.

Here are the skills you’ll learn in the introductory course:

  • Understanding Views, Screen Tips, Ribbon, and the Quick Access toolbar;
  • Create, edit and outline a task list, establish dependencies by linking tasks
  • Add and assign resources, work with project calendars, and enter project costs
  • Print project information and customize reports
  • Apply task type settings, set task constraints
  • Apply preset and custom contours, edit resource assignments and set and modify a baseline
  • Track and report on an active project and compare to baseline
  • Sort, filter, and group views
  • Format views and the Gantt chart
  • Customize Microsoft project elements including tables, views, and reports
  • Use sample templates, create custom templates, and use the organizer to manage project elements
  • Display progress lines, apply earned value tables, and conduct pert analysis
  • Create master projects, insert and work with subprojects, and create links to external tasks
  • Running multiple projects with a common resource pool

You’ll earn 2 Gold Seal Credits and 15 Group A CPD Points from BC Housing at this workshop! We are also holding this course in Victoria on November 28 to 29. No need to bring your own laptop; the computers and manuals are all provided!

You can register for these or any of our other courses at