How much do you know about Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC) construction contracts? We can help! Register now for our October 23 breakfast session An Overview of CCDC Contract Documents.

The standard form CCDC construction contracts are used across Canada in connection with general contract, construction management and trade contract arrangements. This breakfast seminar will provide an overview of the most commonly used CCDC documents, and of the standard CCA 1 subcontract, with specific focus on the concepts and procedures of the provisions relating to the following significant concerns, among others:

– The definition of the Contract Documents;
– The role of the Consultant;
– Payment;
– Extra work;
– Delays;
– Deficiencies;
– Dispute resolution;
– Default and termination.

The presenter will also talk about the effect of supplementary conditions and the interaction of the contracts with the operation of the Builders Lien Act.

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