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TRAINING THURSDAY: Writing Effective Letters, Scope Documents, Reports & Proposals

Everyone can benefit from being a good writer, whether you’re working in an office, on a job site, or telecommuting. How are your writing skills? Is your writing effective and focused on what you need to get across to the reader?

Our Writing Effective Letters, Scope Documents, Reports and Proposals course will teach you exactly that: to write more effectively. You’ll learn to tailor your writing for your audience and purpose, apply the strategies required for effective scope documents, letters, and reports, and incorporate key principles for editing and revising your documents.

Some of the topics the course covers are:

  • Planning your scope documents;
  • Writing concisely;
  • Crafting effective emails and letters;
  • Responding to bids and proposals;
  • Structuring your reports and project documentation.

Plus, you’ll earn 1 Gold Seal Credit, 3.5 Group A CPD Points, and 4 Group B CPD Points from BC Housing! Our next session is October 29 in Victoria, and then November 5 in Kelowna. We are also bringing it to Prince George November 27 and Burnaby November 29. You can register for this or any of our other courses at

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