We have a bunch of new workshops coming to a city near you!
We’re starting with Meaningful Performance and Development Conversations in Burnaby on July 12. Managing the performance of others is more than just an annual review. Meaningful performance management is an ongoing process that results in continuous improvement, enhanced performance, clear expectations and objective measurement. In this session you’ll learn how to prepare for the conversation, how to monitor performance, and much. We’re also offering this session in Prince George on August 14.
On July 23 in Prince George, we’re offering a new breakfast session, Reasonable Suspicion for Supervisors. This session is designed to provide supervisors in safety-sensitive environment in making objective decisions about reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol testing. This session will also discuss the potential consequences for positive tests and look at some suggestions for updating your company policies. We are also offering this session in Burnaby on September 13.
In the afternoon, our instructor will be teaching Progressive Discipline at Work, which will discuss helpful guidelines for those needing to implement a policy, how to strengthen existing policies, and the escalating levels of discipline, among other topics. This course will also take place in Burnaby on October 18.
Another brand-new course, Navigating a Multi-Generational Workplace, will also be in Prince George on August 14. This workshop will explore some of the challenges and opportunities businesses face as the generational balance tips as the Boomers continue to retire and the Millennials and Gen Z take their place. What will this mean for your managers and supervisors? What will be the impact on your organizational culture, trends, social norms and recruitment and retention strategies? This course will also be in Burnaby on November 22.
In addition to our breakfast and lunch sessions, we have a half-day Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace course June 21 in Prince George and August 30 in Burnaby. You’ll learn how to deal with an employee in a safety-sensitive role who has a marijuana license, accommodation requirements for workers with drug and/or alcohol addiction, and how to handle impaired at work situations, among other important topics.
Register for any (or all!) of these workshops at www.icba.ca/courses.