Surrey’s LMS Reinforcing Steel Group s one of BC’s great success stories – and a proud ICBA member. But they’re part of the 85% of the BC construction industry that the Horgan NDP don’t want working on the new Pattullo or Broadway subway.

And it’s taxpayers who will be hurt most, as they explained to Business in Vancouver:

While LMS has worked on many of B.C.’s largest infrastructure projects over the past 20 years, it won’t be working on the $1.4 billion Pattullo Bridge project.

LMS runs a non-union shop, and the BCNDP’s government’s project labour agreement for the bridge project essentially excludes LMS workers.

“Our price would probably be 20% lower than what they’re going to receive for bids now,” McNeil said. “This NDP position has really forced us not to price our work.”

In other words, the company isn’t even bidding on the project.

McNeil said the impact of that decision has more implications for taxpayers than for LMS, which has plenty of work.

“The cost will escalate. You’re taking out one of the two largest companies in B.C. [which] won’t price the work.”

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