The winner of ICBA’s Safety Merits Award is IN!
Congratulations to Randy Sieben of Corrcoat Services Inc. on winning the $1,500 cash prize. Randy was drawn from the names of hundreds of ICBA members’ workers, all of whom had worked safely all year.
Corrcoat sent us this great note, which sums up their thoughts on safety:

“Corrcoat Services Inc. has a comprehensive Health and Safety Program and our 
commitment is to our employees’ health and safety. Every employee is aware of their health and safety related responsibilities and does their part towards workplace health and safety. Every employee of Corrcoat Services Inc., contractors, sub-contractors, and visitors are aware of and understand the legislative requirements, industry standards, company policies and procedures that apply to their worksite assignments. There has been no injury in the previous 12 months or the previous years requiring any lost time due to an accident.
“The employees at Corrcoat Services Inc. takes great pride in their work individually and as a team. Safety is always first priority over and above other aspect of the job.”
Thanks Corrcoat Services Inc. — and congratulations Randy!!!

Entrants must be employed below the superintendent level (office staff are not eligible) and must have worked a minimum of 2,500 hours without any time lost due to an accident.

The construction industry recognizes that a safe workplace is the responsibility of management and of the workers on site. The industry realizes that those individuals who have taken great care to avoid injury to themselves and others are invaluable to their firm and an example for all workers. The purpose of the Safety Merits Contest is for the industry to recognize these individuals, draw attention to their achievement, and encourage others to follow their example.