Kerry and Jordan discuss two upcoming live webinars: one that will save you money, and the other that will save you time.

Construction Contracts in Canada – What You Need to Know and What’s New (Webinar)
Friday, July 9th, 2021 – 11AM to 12:30PM

Getting construction contracts right is critical to the success of any construction project. To get it right, you need to know which contract form is best for your project. You also need to understand the terms of your contract and what they mean.

In this webinar, we review forms of construction contracts typically used in Canada and the key terms. We will also review, in detail, the new CCDC 2 (2020) standard form contract so you will be up to date on the latest in construction contracts in Canada.

What You Need to Know
– Types of Construction Contracts
– Key Issues

What’s New
– New CCDC 2 (2020) Fixed Price Contract
– CCDC 30 (2018) Integrated Project Delivery Contract

Presenters: Rosalie Clark, Scott Lamb and Satinder Sidhu of Clark Wilson LLP


Time Management Workshop (Live Online Training)
July 21-22, 2021 | 8:30AM to 12:30PM both days

What is the one thing everyone needs more of? Time! If time is money, how much is lost to the bottom line simply because hard-working employees “don’t have the time”? When working on a project, timing is essential. If you get behind on one part of the project, the entire thing can be set back hours, or even days. ​

In this leading-edge Time Management Workshop you will gain a new mindset, skillset and toolset that will optimize your personal productivity learning how to produce greater results in less time. Improved time management skills mean increased productivity, met deadlines, and a positive impact on all aspects of your business.

​Benefits of Attending

  • Participants learn how to gain and keep control of competing priorities, concurrent projects and critical deadlines.
  • Participants will learn powerful lessons about themselves, enhancing self-understanding so they can leverage their personal strengths and develop strategies to minimize the impact of their weakness.
  • The focus on practicality means that people walk out with ideas and techniques they can apply the next day.

Instructor: Greg Campeau has delivered over 2,400 presentations and workshops throughout North America providing strategies and solutions that support both personal and organizational success. He has established a client list that includes organizations like Finning, Lafarge, NHL Coaches Association, BC Hydro, Rogers Wireless, APEG BC, SNC Lavalin, Klohn Crippen Berger and many more. ​

What previous participants said:

  • “Good eye opening information. Real focus on how to change and not what you are doing wrong.”
  • “Great speaker – very dynamic.”
  • “I found things to change and reinforcement of things already in place.”
  • “Excellent instruction, very interactive, and lots of collaborative discussions. Very thought provoking!”