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Epscan Industries has proudly been operated for over 40 years, offering electrical and instrumentation services in Western Canada and across the globe.

Epscan Industries Ltd. is a family owned and operated business based out of Fort St. John, British Columbia. Founded in 1978 by Don Stirling and Bob Churchill, we’ve grown to a competent staff of electrical and instrumentation personnel numbering over 90.

30 years later, Don’s sons Dustin Stirling and Shane Stirling came aboard the management team in 2008.

“It’s a second-generation family business.  My father started it in 1978 and I worked as a kid after school cleaning trucks, cleaning the shop, sweeping the floors – after I graduated High School I moved into the Trades Training program and a couple of decades later, here I am, running the company alongside my brother, Dustin.”   –Shane Stirling, Chief Strategy Officer

Although we have achieved tremendous growth over the years, we have maintained a close-knit family feel that truly defines us. Relationships are important to us and we have always found that the best work comes from a culture that is supportive, encouraging, and designed to help our people achieve success.

“Epscan is a training organization, we pride ourselves on helping people develop the skills and knowledge to have long and rewarding careers.  This also benefits us by having the best people in industry working with us.”  –Dustin Stirling, Chief Operations Officer

The largest division is Electrical & Instrumentation.  Epscan pays careful attention to each and every element of maintenance and instrumentation construction. We believe having support personnel involved from the early stages through each phase of a project ensures smoother execution on site and decreases the likelihood of work being repeated.

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Epscan has a 24/7 On-Call Service for emergency callouts.  With a vast inventory of parts, our re-build and maintenance team is able to minimize your downtime and increase your profits.

“If someone calls us and they need us to go and pick up a part for them on a Sunday, we’re going to go and deal with that, and make sure that client is taken care of. Whereas if you’re part of a larger organization, you don’t quite have that personal level of care.”   — Shane Stirling, Chief Strategy Officer

Many changes in technology along with the advances in safety procedures have been our guide in developing a strong, secure business program designed to meet all our customers’ needs.

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During our over 40-year history, we’ve grown to expand into:

  • Chemical Injection – sales, service, manufacturing
  • Communications
  • Automation
  • Material Procurement
  • Water treatment
  • Skid fabrication

Today Epscan has three locations, with our main office located in Fort St. John, and an office in Dawson Creek, BC and Grande Prairie, AB.

“Local support and community development are extremely important to us as a company.  As owners, we live in the Peace River area and have seen the community support dwindle over the past few years.  Industry needs to help local programs and people in order to make our communities a success.”  — Dustin Stirling, Chief Operations Officer

Epscan Industries invites you to call or visit their office. For more information, call 250-787-9659 or visit them online at