Each week, ICBA’s Jordan Bateman reflects on what we’ve learned as we participate in ICBA’s Workplace Wellness Program. This program is free for all ICBA members – check out icba.ca/wellness for details.

It’s a new month, and ICBA has moved into theme #4 of our Workplace Wellness program – Psychological Safety at Work. The course materials offer a helpful definition:

“A psychologically healthy workplace is one where every reasonable effort is made to promote mental health through awareness, resources and education. A psychologically safe workplace is one where every reasonable effort is made to prevent harm to menial health through negligent, reckless or deliberate conduct.”

Sounds great – but it takes everyone involved on the team to make that happen. Construction companies spend a lot of time, training and money making work sites safe physically. This is always our top priority: making sure everyone gets home, everyday, safe. Now that same effort is being extended to our workers’ mental health.

I’m looking forward to digging into this course over the next month to learn more about how we do that.

ICBA’s Workplace Wellness Program is helping more than 50 companies, and thousands of construction professionals, better understand mental health. The program is free for ICBA members — see icba.ca/wellness.