Microsoft Office Basics (Live Online Training)
Gold Seal: 2 Credit
August 10-11, 2022; 9AM – 4PM
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The objective of this course is to train participants in Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office which includes Word, Excel and Outlook. This course will familiarize users with the Windows environment and features of Microsoft Office. It is designed for computer users who are new to these programs and need the kick to start working in a business environment.


  • Understand how to manage and manipulate multiple windows
  • Get familiar with computer terminology
  • Use and customize Windows screen
  • Set up filing system
  • Navigate in Internet using basic browsing tools
  • Learn security tips
  • Download and install programs


  • Create, edit, save, open and close documents
  • Learn more efficient ways to select text
  • Apply character and paragraph formatting options
  • Create multi-level lists
  • Use the format painter
  • Set tabs and indents
  • Change the margins, paper size or page orientation
  • Use headers and footers
  • Proof documents with spelling and grammar checks
  • Prepare documents for printing


  • Understand the screen, Screen Tips and Ribbon
  • Create, edit, save, open and close workbooks
  • Select cells for further action such as formatting, deleting, copying, and pasting
  • Using Autofill to copy or fill data or set up a series of data
  • Insert or delete rows, columns, or cells
  • Rename, insert, delete, copy, or move worksheets
  • Create and edit simple formulas using math operators and cell references
  • Use common functions
  • Apply text and numeric formatting
  • Enhance the worksheet using fonts, alignment, lines, borders, colors, or patterns
  • Preview and print worksheets and workbooks
  • Set headers and footers for a worksheet
  • Change margins, orientation, or layouts


  • Understand how Outlook is setup and the different types of information that can be tracked
  • Create, edit, send, open, and manage messages
  • Learn to use the to Do bar to manage and organize all daily activities
  • Use different types of options for managing messages such as voting buttons, flags or level of importance
  • Include and manage attachments being sent or received with messages
  • File and manage messages using folders
  • Create or modify a signature for email
  • Create and edit appointments or events in the Calendar
  • Create and modify contacts using the Contacts module
  • Create and manage Tasks
  • Set up and manage out of office messages

This hands-on course is taught by a certified Microsoft Master Instructor.

Microsoft Office Basics (Live Online Training)
Gold Seal: 2 Credit
August 10-11, 2022; 9AM – 4PM
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