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TRAINING THURSDAY: Supervisory and Management Skills

How are your skills as a supervisor and manager? Could they be better? Our Supervisory and Management Skills workshop in Kamloops December 5 to 6 is just what you need.

Participants will improve their skills in leadership, management and supervision of staff, and learn skills to enhance their ability to build a collaborative team culture with their staff and on job sites.

Here’s what you’ll be able to do by the end of this two-day course:

  • Understand the differences between leadership, management and supervision;
  • Identify different leadership styles and approaches;
  • Apply different leadership styles to deal with various situations;
  • Understand motivational theories – Mazlow, Herzberg, MARS;
  • Enhance individual and group performance and engagement;
  • Understand different personality styles and how to communicate appropriately
  • Effectively manage time
  • Understand stress and how to manage it at work
  • Understand substance abuse, recognition and prevention
  • Conduct a successful toolbox talk
  • Appropriately discipline and/or terminate staff
  • Apply various negotiating skills
  • Deal with difficult people, conflict and confrontation
  • Use collaborative decision-making skills
  • Understand a systems approach to management of construction companies

Plus, you’ll earn 5 Gold Seal Credits and 32 CPD Points from BC Housing!

This course will also take place in Burnaby on February 6 and 7, 2020. Check out for more information and to register for this or any of our other upcoming courses.

TRAINING THURSDAY: Municipal Map Reading & Utility Safety Workshop

Are you looking to gain an understanding on how to interpret and read documentation that relates to the Municipal Infrastructure? We have the course for you! Check our Municipal Map Reading workshop in Burnaby November 27.

Participants will learn the related Regulations, Acts and Master Municipal Construction Documents as well as blueprint reading symbols, legend and design specifications for local cities, municipalities and townships.

You will also review BC One Call documentation, utility owner’s roles and responsibilities, ground disturbers’ roles and responsibilities, and safe utility locating practices.

After completing this course, students will get a better understanding of how to read and interpret municipal Construction Drawings.

Here are the course objectives:

  • Reviewing Utility information and hazards
  • Understanding Workers Compensation Act & WorksafeBC Regulations
  • Utility Safety Awareness
  • Review BC One Call Documentation
  • Blue Print Map Reading Group Activities
  • Review on Locating Underground infrastructure
  • Understanding Safety Procedures and Practices
  • Knowing the Emergency Response for Utility Owners

Plus, you’ll earn 7.5 CPD Points from BC Housing!

You can register for this workshop and any of our other training courses at


TRAINING THURSDAY: Construction Business Management

Looking to learn how to improve the management and business systems of your construction business? We have the course for you! Check out our two-day Construction Business Management course. This course is perfect for businesses of all sizes, and especially for start up companies.

At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the strategic planning process and how to implement it within their context
  • Understand the importance of a business plan and how to prepare one
  • Understand the participants within the construction industry – their roles, responsibilities and limitations
  • Understand the benefits of a participatory management culture
  • Formulate a marketing plan and understand the marketing mix
  • Develop a human resource management plan
  • Understand the employment cycle/process
  • Develop an employee performance evaluation system
  • Increase staff morale and engagement
  • Understand operational planning for construction companies
  • Formulate a financial plan, budgets, ratios and break-even analysis
  • Understand the importance of financial internal controls
  • Develop benchmarks and key performance indicators
  • Understand bonding and insurance for construction companies
  • Use risk management tools to identify risk and how to mitigate risk

You’ll also earn 5 Gold Seal Credits and 32 CPD Points from BC Housing!

Our next two-day session takes place in Kelowna November 14-15, and then in Burnaby December 19-20. You can register for this or any of our other upcoming sessions at

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TRAINING THURSDAY: Building Code for Residential Builders

Are you a home builder in BC? We have a brand-new course for you! Our Building Code for Residential Builders session is in Langley November 14.

Participants will learn how to read, interpret and use the BC Building Code (2018). The course is specifically targeted for constructors of small buildings and residential construction in order to allow them to discuss with confidence issues brought up by inspectors, plan checkers and/or consultants.

At the end of the course participants will be able to:

• Have a working knowledge of the BC Building Code (2018) and be able to reference relevant sections quickly in their day-to-day dealings with inspectors, plan checkers and/or consultants;
• Understand the differences in construction where Part 9 of the Code is used for Small Buildings
compared to Part 3-8 for larger and more complex building systems;
• Understand how various Building Codes (National, Provincial and Local) and Bylaws operate in various jurisdictions;
• Understand the 38 sections within Part 9 of the Code and their application within residential construction;
• Understand where Part 10 applies to residential construction projects;
• Recognize the shortcomings of the Code and understand how to deal with multiple interpretations.

This course is ideal for those who have little or no background in using the BC Building Code or for those wanting an update on the changes from the 2012 version. Plus, you’ll earn 7.5 CPD Points from BC Housing!
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NEWS RELEASE: ICBA Joins Campaign to End ICBC’s Monopoly

Driving Choice is pleased to announce that the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association (ICBA) has joined as a partner in the campaign calling for more  choice and competition in car insurance in British Columbia (BC).

“Under ICBC’s monopoly, our members have seen years of successive rate hikes with no relief in sight. Now more than ever, British Columbians deserve to be able to choose the car insurer that provides the best product at the best possible price,” said Jordan Bateman, Vice President, Communications & Marketing, ICBA. “The Driving Choice campaign is an effective voice for BC drivers. We’re proud to be playing a role.”

ICBA joins more than 8,000 British Columbians who have already signed up in support of the Driving Choice campaign, which launched just one month ago.

“The response to the Driving Choice campaign has been overwhelming, and is still growing strong,” said Aaron Sutherland, Vice-President, Pacific, Insurance Bureau of Canada. “ICBA’s participation is yet another sign that businesses and drivers across our province are fed up with the current system, and want to be able to shop around for their auto insurance needs.”

As part of the Driving Choice campaign, more than 5,000 British Columbians have sent letters to their MLA’s voicing their frustrations with ICBC and demanding choice and competition in car insurance.

“British Columbians pay more for auto insurance than anyone else in Canada, so it’s no wonder that more than 80% of drivers want to be able to shop around,” said Sutherland. “Recent reports demonstrate that competition could save drivers up to $325 annually. Driving Choice gives a voice to British Columbians to tell government what they really want – choice in car insurance.”

You can join Driving Choice and contact your MLA through Follow the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

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TRAINING THURSDAY: The New Labour Relations Code and You: How the Code Changes may impact your Business

Significant changes have taken place to the Labour Relations Code recently, and we want to keep you updated with our two-hour The New Labour Relations Code and You seminar November 1 in Burnaby!

The Labour Relations Code sets out requirements for unionized companies. However, the Code also sets out the rules that apply to non-union companies that Unions are seeking to certify. There have been important changes to the Code that you will want to understand and prepare for.

This two-hour seminar will outline the recent significant changes to the Labour Relations Code that are important to both union and non-union companies, including:

  • Changes to employer free speech rights
  • Faster voting period
  • New raid period rules for construction companies
  • Easier first collective agreement arbitration access for unions
  • Section 54 adjustment planning changes
  • Extended freeze period after union certification
  • Increased fines
  • Filing requirements for collective agreements
  • Expedited arbitration changes

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