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The Pros and Cons of 347 V for Lighting in Buildings


The BC Chapter of the The Illuminating Engineering Society is hosting an information session on “The Pros and Cons of 347 V for Lighting in Buildings” on September 24, 2013.

Since 347 V is not used in the US, the question arises whether the 347 V for lighting in Canadian buildings is still an appropriate choice or a review of the usefulness of the 347 V system is warranted with an aim to harmonizing with common standards used South of the border.

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Spaces available in Sprott Shaw Electrician Courses


Wannabe electricians have the chance to boost their skills and get on the path to a journeyman’s ticket thanks to the electrician’s apprentice classes at the Port Coquitlam of Sprott Shaw College.

The college has spaces available for classes starting this fall, and for it’s classes in all levels. In fact this is the year the College is kicking off it’s new Level 4 program – first with a pilot, and then as a regular addition pending approval.

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Training Tuesday – Tips to tackle change orders


The disruptions from change orders can impact the planned schedule of a project and increase costs through rework and decreased labor efficiency for the contractor. Productivity and profit will suffer from this loss in labor efficiency. Owners have the right to initiate changes on their project after the contract has been signed.

The difficulty arising from change orders is determining an equitable adjustment for the parties involved. Contractors need to be compensated for impacts that the change-directed work have on their estimated baseline efficiency. Owners believe that the additional costs of the changes should be minimal due to the similar nature of the work.

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