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Help finding your way underground

Common Ground

The BC Common Ground Alliance is promoting a session to help companies and their locate staff tap into the latest information for construction safety.

The day-long Advanced Underground Cable and Pipe Locating Seminar slated for Thursday, July 25 will cover the problems and issues that most locate staff encounter on a daily basis. The event will be help at the Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel in Surrey.

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Help with WorkSafeBC Experience Rating Changes


The transition has begun when it comes to WorkSafeBC’s discounts and surcharges based on a company’s claim’s record – and the BC Construction Safety Authority wants companies to know there’s help through the transition.

WorkSafeBC’s experience rating system for construction is currently capped at 33.3 per cent surcharge and 33.3 per cent rebate – that’s the amount applied based on a company’s claims history. Starting this year it is shifting and will end up as a 100 per cent surcharge and 50 per cent discount by 2016. The change will align construction with all other provincial industries.

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Training Tuesday – Tune Up Your Negotiation Skills


In our professional lives we don’t get what we deserve – we get what we negotiate. Are you finding your customers, clients, employees or boss or employers increasingly demanding, wanting more for less? Do you ever feel that you are being taken advantage of?

Many individuals often fail in negotiation not because they are unable to get an agreement, but because they walk away from the table when they could have done much better.

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Make sure you have an escape hatch


It’s not just a good idea to have a backup plan — it’s a requirement for mobile equipment operated in British Columbia. That means it’s something construction contractors need to have on their radar when they’re looking for new equipment.

WorkSafeBC has just issued a reminder about emergency means of escape for mobile equipment.

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Hydro lays out contract changes

bchg_logo_col [Converted2]

BC Hydro is travelling the province to connect construction contractors with the company’s new construction contract launched earlier this year.

Hot off a session held today in Prince George, the Crown corporation is making the presentation from the session available for attendees and anyone interested in the new contract regime.

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BC Budget – infrastructure builds jobs


The newly re-elected Christy Clark government brought down its Budget 2.0 this week – a slightly revised version of the fiscal plan laid out back in February.

When it comes to construction and the provincial economy the updated budget lays out a careful path that should help keep both the sector and the province growing.

The government has to be congratulated for maintaining government and Crown Corporation capital spending over the next three years. The budget calls for $6.3 billion in spending in both 2013/14 and 2014/15 and then $6 billion in the following fiscal year.

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Union transparency delayed by Senate spat


Bill C-377 – the Private Member’s Bill that aims to bring transparency to the taxpayer-supported finances of organized labour – got caught in the crossfire in the Canadian Senate.

Though the Bill was passed by the Senate, it was heavily amended so that the requirements to disclose salaries and expenditures would apply to a very small number of unions. Our intelligence out of Ottawa is that the amendments were foisted on the bill not because of the bill itself, but because of totally unrelated political disputes taking place.

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ICBA member profiled in BIV


ICBA member Wales McLelland Construction was recognized for its innovative approach to technology in a story in Business in Vancouver recently.

The company made the Top 100 private companies report in the paper for the project management system it’s been developing that uses technology to help site superintendents and supervisors track a project’s progress – and keep clients up to speed as well.

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This dinner’s a safe bet

Safety Engineers

Construction Safety Professionals have the chance to catch up with their colleagues and check out some exhibits at the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering Lower Mainland Chapter’s special dinner meeting on July 11.

The CSSE and the BC Construction Safety Alliance have partnered on the dinner to offer up a special discount price of $20 – less than half the normal $45 fee.

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