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Training Tuesday – Get to know the 2012 Building Code


Nothing impacts construction like the BC Building Code – which is why it’s important to have an overview of recent changes introduced in the 2012 BC Building Code and its effect on the construction industry. ICBA’s new training session,  presented in cooperation with the Building and Safety Standards Branch, will help companies tap into the changes and what they mean.

The 2012 BC Codes include over 800 changes, and the  presenters at the session will highlight the changes that are anticipated to have the highest impact. This includes new provisions for radon mitigation, new Part 9 lateral load design requirements, new spatial separation requirements and the creation of a new B-3 residential care occupancy classification. A review of administrative edits and changes will also be presented.

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Return to yesterday makes bad labour policy


The Coalition of B.C. Businesses had a column in today’s Vancouver laying out the concerns in the small business sector about revisiting B.C.’s labour laws. Labour activists are already calling for a return to the old card based certification for new unions – a move that would scrap workers’ right to a democratic vote on whether or not to join a union.

The article by Mark von Schellwitz, the Coalition and vice-president, Western Canada, for the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association, lays out some compelling arguments why tilting labour laws towards unionization would hurt rather than help workers.

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Training Tuesday – Solid Facts on Concrete


ICBA’s BC Construction Training Centre is dedicated to connecting members and the rest of the construction industry with the training they need for their employees and their companies to get ahead.

Every Tuesday is Training Tuesday on the ICBA Independent Blog, and each week we’ll highlight an exciting new course coming up. Check in for what’s ahead – and what can help you with your bottom line. This week it’s about working with concrete and cement.

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