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Higher public pay means smaller cheques for taxpayers

The Province newspaper missed the mark in its Jan. 25 editorial on the Fraser Institute’s recent study showing that government workers get pay that’s almost 14% higher than people doing the same work in the private sector. In fact, public sector workers are getting rich at the expense of taxpayers. Public pensions and pay are so rich that bureaucrats can retire an average of three years earlier than private sector workers.

ICBA submitted a letter to the Province making this very point.

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Sun article shows public pay much richer than private

The Vancouver Sun’s Don Cayo has an excellent column today on the pay premium in the public sector – based on a new report from the Fraser Institute. The findings are that B.C. public-sector workers (federal, provincial, and local) earned wages 13.6 per cent higher, on average, than their private-sector counterparts. That’s just wages – it doesn’t include the richer benefits and longer vacation times enjoyed by civil servants.

ICBA looked at the trend – and its economic impacts – in its Summer 2012 Construction Monitor. Given recent raises in the public sector it’s clear that governments of every level are making paycheques smaller for taxpayers so the already bigger paycheuqes for bureaucrats of every level can continue to grow and grow.

Construction confident for 2013 – with some caution

By Philip Hochstein, President ICBA

The year is almost over and the calendar is set to turn to 2013. It’s been a busy year for ICBA, for our members, and our industry. Every indication is that the coming year should be busier.

Just last month we completed our annual wage and benefits survey for the industry. Across the board construction firms are confident about the year ahead. In fact, half expect their volume of work to grow in the coming year. That’s the kind of confidence we haven’t seen since the pre-Olympic boom – and before the global economic downturn. Read more

Ideas and issues in B.C. Construction

B.C.’s construction industry has a proud history. Name a landmark in this province – and we’ve built it. The BC Legislature. BC Place. Canada Place. The Shangri La Hotel.

And if that landmark has been built in the last 35 years, it’s a safe bet it was built by members of the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association of B.C. and the Open Shop. The 1,200 companies who make up the ICBA are the heart of the Open Shop that builds more than 90 per cent of the commercial, industrial, and multi-family residential projects in B.C. Read more

ICBA highlights economic danger of higher taxes

Construction Monitor report draws link between lower taxes and strong economy

A strong economy is the backbone of B.C.’s construction industry – which is why the Independent Contractors and Businesses of B.C. have released a short report on risks that come from increasing taxes.

“There’s plenty of talk in the political realm about raising taxes – whether it’s across the board or targeted to companies and high-earning private-sector individuals,” said ICBA President Philip Hochstein. “But our latest report draws the connection for people that any tax increase is like an anchor on the economy – something that hurts everyone.” Read more