bcctc_logo_low_resICBA’s BC Construction Training Centre is dedicated to connecting members and the rest of the construction industry with the training they need for their employees and their companies to get ahead.

Every Tuesday is Training Tuesday on the ICBA Independent Blog, and each week we’ll highlight an exciting new course coming up. Check in for what’s ahead – and what can help you with your bottom line. This week it’s about tapping into peak performance.

This week, we’re highlighting our Supervisors Bootcamp which offers practical leadership tools for front line supervisors

While older management systems only ensured companies ‘do the right things’, this workshop guides participants to ‘do things right’ in their role as supervisors. Safety management systems have traditionally focussed on the foundational elements of engineering, education, and enforcement. We will add to that an awareness of concepts like empathy, empowerment, and engagement, the soft skills considered necessary for optimal success in ALL measurable business outcomes.

The ideas covered in this course will help employers to tackle the most important and emerging issues facing business operations today:

  • Greater productivity and quality outcomes;
  • Greater safety program effectiveness;
  • Greater protection from the risks associated with Bill 14 with bullying & harassment prevention, and psychological well-being in the workplace.

The Supervisors Bootcamp is designed specifically for front-line supervisors in all industries. It is open to individuals with all levels of experience, and is most effective for those working for companies with an established and functioning safety management system.

Participants will be given a leadership ‘tool kit’ comprised of the simplest but most effective leadership concepts, from which they can effectively build and develop their own leadership style, specific to themselves and their environment. They will also take self-assessment questionnaires and take part in exercises based on the actual crews they lead. Participants will leave the session with their baselines established, reference materials and course content, and specific yet practical leadership goals set for them to work towards.


Other courses coming up soon:

Blueprint and Specification Reading:  This course introduces the proper reading and interpretation of drawings and specifications within the construction industry.

Cement and Concrete – Understanding the materials you work with: The seminar aims to help all those involved in the design and use of concrete to become more knowledgeable and to realise the full potential of concrete. After attending this seminar participants will have a better understanding of concrete materials; behaviours and properties.

The new 2012 BC Building Code – What it means for Construction: ICBA is pleased to present an overview of recent changes to the 2012 BC Building Code and its effect on the construction industry in cooperation with the Building and Safety Standards Branch.

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