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Are you familiar with the principles of Lean Construction? We can help!
The application of Lean Construction principles within the industry has gained considerable traction over the last decade due to the need for productivity gains and shortened lead times.
The challenge is that traditional Lean is centered around manufacturing environments, making some tools ineffective in the construction arena. Our upcoming Lean for Construction – A Practical Approach course January 31 in Burnaby will teach you a simple and practical approach to implementing the Lean concepts within construction to boost productivity, shorten lead times, and heighten customer value.
In this fun and interactive full-day workshop, participants will be introduced to key Lean tools:
– The 8 types of waste negatively impacting cost, lead time, and quality
– How to use Value Stream Maps to identify where waste is
– The 5S system for maintaining a safe and organized work environment
– The Last Planner® System for heightened collaboration and effective work plans
– The Plan, Do, Check, Act system for problem solving
Plus you’ll earn 1 Gold Seal Credit and 7.5 CPD Points from BC Housing!
If you’re looking for a more in-depth understanding, we are offering a series of CM-Lean modules in Vancouver in March and June. Start with CM-Lean Modules 1 & 2: Variation in Production Systems/Pull In Production on March 11, and CM-Lean Modules 3 & 4: Lean Work Structuring/Last Planner system on March 12.
CM-Lean Module 5: Supply Chain & Assembly is on June 8, and then CM-Lean Modules 6&7: Lean in Design & Pre-Construction/Problem Solving on June 9.
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TRAINING THURSDAY: Microsoft Sharepoint With Teams


We have a brand-new Microsoft course for 2020! Our Microsoft SharePoint with Teams course will teach you how to get the most out of your SharePoint site and explore the tools and customizations available.

The new SharePoint features promise accessibility, security and a host of new features but understanding the new tools and the fear of not setting it up right can stall progress. Learn how to find and conveniently access documents and how many of these tools can connect with Outlook, your grand central station of your work day.

We will also explore Teams and how they can transform and simplify your collaborative efforts by reducing email and keeping all team or project information in one place. At the same time learn how to connect this information back to Outlook, the place where you work from each day. You’ll also explore the various features that can be added to Teams and specifically spend time using Planner and OneNote.

The following list summarizes skills that students will be comfortable with after this course.

• Understanding how to navigate and organize a SharePoint site
• Learn about various apps that can be added to site
• Create a sub-site
• Syncing document libraries to Windows Explorer
• Understand use Version Control
• Searching for info
• Creating a Team
• Creating Channels
• Exploring various apps
• Working with OneNote to manage team meetings and integrating with Outlook
• Working with Planner
• Integrating tools with Flow
• Using Teams on your mobile Device

If you already have a good working knowledge of Microsoft Outlook, this course will be an excellent addition to your toolbox. Our next session is in Langley on February 4, followed by Fort St John on April 8, and Victoria on April 23. We are also offering it in Prince George on May 15 and in Burnaby on August 6. And you’ll earn 1 Gold Seal Credit!

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ICBA NEWS: ICBA Up For Three 2020 Reed Awards

After winning nine prestigious Reed Awards over the past two years, ICBA is a finalist for three more in 2020.

Our Massey Tunnel campaign is a finalist for:

  • Best Online Video, Canada
  • Best Use of Outdoor Advertising Campaign, Canada
  • Best Use of Outdoor Advertising Campaign, International

This year’s Reeds will be handed out Feb. 20 in Atlanta.

Read more about our 2019 wins HERE. And more about our three 2018 trophies HERE.


TRAINING THURSDAY: Get the PST Right! Breakfast

Understanding how Provincial Sales Tax works for your construction business can be challenging, but we are! Our Get the PST Right! PST Issues for the Construction Industry breakfast will help home builders, renovators and trade contractors understand how PST applies to their business. You’ll also learn about who pays PST and how to pay it, as well as:

  • When to pay PST on your goods and supplies
  • How PST applies to goods for resale vs. those you install
  • How PST applies to goods used to fulfill a contract outside B.C.
  • When you need to be registered to collect PST
  • When to charge your customers PST
  • How PST applies to goods bought outside B.C.
  • When you may be eligible for a PST refund and how to apply

Plus, you’ll earn 2 CPD Points from BC Housing! Our next session is January 22 in Burnaby, followed by February 26 in Victoria.

You can register for this or any of our other upcoming courses at

Do you have a few minutes to help the B.C. Ministry of Finance improve the PST website? They currently have a web survey that’ll take you about five minutes; the survey can be found at