GORD STEWART AWARD: IRL Construction Wins ICBA’s Top Safety Award

SURREY – IRL Construction’s new intelligent illumination safety system has cast a new light on worker safety in B.C., earning IRL Construction (www.irlgroup.ca) the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association’s (ICBA) 2022 Gord Stewart Workplace Health and...

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Thank you Corey Hirsch Official for sharing your story at our ICBA Wellness in Construction breakfast in Surrey this AM. Your advocacy and passion to break through mental health stigma is inspiring!Come see Corey at one of our events: icba.ca/corey ... See MoreSee Less
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IRL Construction Wins ICBA’s Top Safety AwardSURREY – IRL Construction’s new intelligent illumination safety system has cast a new light on worker safety in B.C., earning IRL Construction (www.irlgroup.ca) the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association’s (ICBA) 2022 Gord Stewart Workplace Health and Safety Innovation Award. IRL partnered with a UK-based company called FHOSS to install intelligent lighting on several pieces of equipment, including the:• FHOSS Halo Exclusion Zone (a lit-up box that keeps people clear of moving equipment), • FHOSS Light Livery (lit, impactful and reflective graphics on the outside of working equipment), and • FHOSS Halo Lights (which attach to hard hats, making workers even more visible).“As a company, we wanted to take extra steps to ensure workplace safety, especially around heavy equipment,” said IRL Construction CEO William Donnellan. “We find the exclusion zone is especially helpful for new workers who may not be aware of the appropriate distances to work safely – and it serves as a reminder for even our most seasoned workers.”“IRL’s lighting innovation is exactly the kind of idea aimed at making the workplace safe that we want to honour with our Award,” said ICBA president Chris Gardner. “Every day, 250,000 men and women go to work on a construction site in B.C., and our number one priority as an industry is to make sure every single one of them gets home safely. IRL’s leadership in using illumination to better identify danger zones helps keep workers safe.”Awarded in partnership with WorkSafeBC and named for former ICBA president Gord Stewart, ICBA’s Workplace Health and Safety Innovation Award is presented annually to individuals and companies for campaigns and innovations aimed at preventing workplace incidents, injuries and illnesses. By honouring safety leaders and sharing their ideas, ICBA and WorkSafeBC hope to encourage new programs, policies, and projects that improve the health and safety of workers.The award recognizes an employee or team of employees who come up with an innovative program, policy, tool or project that demonstrates a proven accomplishment in the area of health and safety for the construction industry sector. The award comes with a $5,000 prize, co-funded by ICBA and WorkSafeBC. ... See MoreSee Less
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Kerry and Jordan discuss ICBATraining.ca's latest closure, Design and Construction of Rainscreen Walls, plus COVID, Station 11 and Wordle.Design and Construction of Rainscreen Wallsicba.simplesignup.ca/en/10418/index.php?m=eventSummaryFriday, Feb. 4 --- 10 - 11:30AM (Webinar)Missed it? Check out icba.ca/courses for other datesIn response to moisture penetration problems in residential construction, some jurisdictions have mandated the adoption of rainscreen wall systems. These systems aren’t new, but they are evolving—sometimes resulting in confusion about what “rainscreen” means or how it relates to wall performance.In this seminar, Graham Finch of RDH Building Science will provide an overview of rainscreen wall designs, including all the visible and hidden components and important factors in performance. He will review the underlying concepts of providing a capillary break and allowing drainage of water immediately behind the cladding. Then, diving deeper, he will touch on claddings and attachments, the air cavity and why width matters, water control, structural considerations, fire and combustibility, exterior insulation, onsite quality control, and more. ​You'll learn how to:• Describe the components of a rainscreen wall and their functions.• Integrate the science and practical construction aspects of rainscreen wall performance.• Discuss specific considerations for heat, air, and moisture control as well as structure and fire.• Build higher performance rainscreen walls.This seminar will be of interest to a wide audience within the building industry, in particular builders and contractors, cladding installers, architects, designers, and material suppliers who are interested in the design and construction of rainscreen walls across North America.Presenter: Graham Finch, MASc, P.Eng. – Principal, Senior Building Science Specialist, RDH Building Science, Victoria, BC ... See MoreSee Less
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