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Every Tuesday is Training Tuesday on the ICBA Independent Blog, and each week we’ll highlight an exciting new course coming up. Check in for what’s ahead – and what can help you with your bottom line. This week it’s about working with concrete and cement.

Well-known for its durability, low maintenance requirements and resilience, concrete contributes to longer-lasting, more cost-effective and more energy-efficient construction. ICBA’s Cement and Concrete – Understanding the materials you work with seminar aims to help all those involved in the design and use of concrete to become more knowledgeable and to realize the full potential of concrete. After attending this seminar participants will have a better understanding of concrete materials; behaviours and properties.

Part 1 – Concrete as a Material

  • Cement manufacturing, types of cements available in Canada and BC
  • Concrete ingredients and typical mix designs
  • SCM (Fly ash, slag, silica fume) role in concrete mix design
  • Basic concrete properties: Strength, durability, shrinkage
  • Speciality concretes
  • How is concrete specified today and what are the implications to the contractor?

Part 2 – Concrete Construction

  • Conventional construction: Constructability and limitations
  • Specialty construction systems: Post-tensioning, bubble deck
  • Tremie concrete construction
  • Shotcrete construction
  • RCC construction for industrial pavements
  • Specialty underground construction systems

The instructor, Andy Vizer, P.Eng., LEED AP, is currently the Director of Engineering with the Cement Association of Canada located in the Western Canada Regional office in Vancouver. Over the years Mr. Vizer presented numerous technical seminars and workshops, including APEGBC, SEABC, the Canadian Society of Civil Engineering conferences, the CSC and other conferences.

For more information and the registration form for the Monday, March 11, 2013 session in Burnaby, click here.


Other courses coming up soon:

The new 2012 BC Building Code – What it means for Construction: ICBA is please to present an overview of recent changes to the 2012 BC Building Code and its effect on the construction industry in cooperation with the Building and Safety Standards Branch.

Tender Law: Procurement in the Construction Industry: This session will provide a refresher and update on the current state of the law of procurement (tendering) in BC. The tender process will be examined with an emphasis on how to make the best choices and minimize legal risks in the tender process and avoid costly situations for all parties.

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