bcctc_logo_low_resNew rules in British Columbia allow workers’ rights to file WorksafeBC claims for mental disorders predominantly caused by their jobs. This same legislation also created responsibilities on all employers to manage risks to employee mental health, and specifically required employers to have a system to prevent bullying and harassment.

In January 2013, the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) released a new national standard called ‘CSA-Z1003 Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace’. While still a ‘voluntary standard’ it is clearly evident that these changes are coming, and that employers must take action.

ICBA’s Overview of the New Workplace ‘Psychological Safety’ Requirements presentation is aimed at business owners, senior managers and HR professionals who want to better understand what the law now requires their organizations to do, and how they can meet their obligations. But rather than focusing on the ‘what’ of these standards, this presentation focuses on the ‘why.’ Evidence suggests that the same activities that create ‘psychologically safe’ workplaces can also create:

  • Reduced turnover of staff
  • Increased productivity, safety, and quality
  • Improved employee engagement

Topics to be covered in the session  include:

  • A review of the new requirements and standards.
  • What a ‘Psychological Health and Safety Management System’ (PHSMS) looks like.
  • Corporate Culture and your ‘Brand’: What makes you different from the competition?
  • The Pro’s and Con’s: How can your business benefit from these changes?

Where and When

Friday, April 26
Course information and registration


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