bcctc_logo_low_resMany great tradespeople take a foreman position and fail. Not for lack of skills or drive but simply for lack of guidance on how to be a great foreman. That’s why ICBA is bringing its one-day course to Victoria on June 6 so foremen can get a handle on the fundamentals of field leadership, organization, crew morale, efficiency, and productivity.

Issues covered in the course include:

  • Understanding why and how many foremen fail
  • How the foreman’s role has changed
  • Dealing with workplace conflict without being a jerk
  • Learning how to anticipate production and jobsite issues
  • Understanding general and subcontractor dynamics
  • Understanding your role as a leader
  • Understand how you play a major role in increasing jobsite productivity 

Where and When
Thursday, June 6
Victoria, BC
Course Information and Registration


Other courses coming up soon:

The Winner’s Curse – A systems approach to winning more work and increasing profits: a June 4 course in Burnaby that looks at the goal of trying to minimize costs when tendering contracts. And too often, contractors focus solely on price, adopting strategies and pricing that can kill the rewards of winning the contract. These tactics can go so far as to threaten the company’s financial health. This breakfast presentation will focus first on how to be a smarter competitor in bidding situations and then on alternative strategies that will shelter you and your company from the price game, if not remove you from it all together.

Leading People to Peak Performance:  This June 6-7 course in Burnaby helps supervisors and managers who are striving to bring the best out of their people! How much untapped potential, energy, commitment and creativity currently exists within your organization, team or department? What would it mean to your culture and bottom-line if you could learn to unleash just 10% more of the human potential? You can find out more in this proven, powerful and practical learning experience.

ICBA offers a wide range of courses. You can check out the complete course offerings here.