logo_sprott-shaw-college_2Measure twice and cut once is a mantra in the construction business. You have to make sure everything is right before you take action. And you have to know your numbers to get it right.

That’s what makes Sprott Shaw College’s new Math for Trades course so valuable for construction companies. The course is a basic math refresher targeting the essential numeracy skills required for a construction electrician, as well as preparing other students for other construction or trades apprentice programs.

The course tackles topics like measurement and calculation problems, algebra skills, money math and percentages, problem solving skills, and numerical data analysis. Students are encouraged to take this program prior to entering Level 1 or 2 of the Construction Electrician programs.

Math for Trades will be available to students starting in the summer of 2013 in the Lower Mainland region.

For more information, contact Dilys Hunter Bowes, Career Trades Advisor at Sprott Shaw College, 1-604-552-9711 ext. 333