Here on the coast waves coming ashore can be a big problem especially for docks with dozens of private and commercial boats moored to them.  Whether it’s the wind picking up or the wash of a passing tug, waves hitting moored objects can cause a lot of damage. 

The Burrard Yacht Club was facing that problem as its current system for a breakwater is for lack of a better word, breaking down.  For the last several decades the club has relied on wooden sections, steel barges and a decommissioned navy vessel to stop the waves from crashing in.  Long story short, it’s not a viable long-term solution.  After a few years of consultation the club turned to ICBA member International Marine Floatation Systems to help out.


The Delta based company has patented a new wave attenuation system to help protect harbours and the often expensive boats that moor there.

The company designed and built 3 large wave attenuators for the club and when connected together are nearly 400 feet long.  Each piece is over 130 feet long, 50 feet wide and 12 feet deep!  It provides 6,000 tons of protection for the marina.

Francine Moon with IMFS says there are huge benefits to their breakwater design.

“First and foremost they are affordable,” says Moon.  “These are unsinkable and you don’t need any maintenance below the waterline for the life of the product.”

The systems are also able to be designed for the client’s needs in terms of size and price.  Because they are put together in sections, clients can buy them in phases as budgets allow.  And because the pieces are large they can be used for additional storage should the need arise.

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