B.C.’s construction industry is urging the British Columbia and federal governments to move forward with the Site C Clean Energy Project.

Site C is not about today’s electricity needs; it is about ensuring we have a long-term source of clean, reliable and renewable electricity that will help power our province for decades to come,” said Philip Hochstein, President, Independent Contractors and Businesses Association of BC. “BC Hydro has done a substantial amount of research on forecasted demand, and the fact is we will be more reliant on imported electricity if we don’t move forward with Site C now. Planning today means ensuring our lights stay on 10 years from now when we will need it and in the decades that follow, so we need to begin building sooner rather than later.”

Hochstein also noted the economic benefits the project will generate, including thousands of jobs during construction, major economic and financial benefits for the Peace River region and significant small business opportunities.

Site C would be the third hydroelectric facility on the Peace River and would generate 35% of the energy produced at W.A.C. Bennett Dam, with only 5% of the reservoir area, producing enough electricity to power the equivalent of 450,000 homes a year.

The Independent Contractors and Businesses Association of BC is the voice of the construction industry in B.C. Our 1,100 member companies work in every sector of the industry – commercial, industrial, institutional, and both single family and multifamily residential. We represent the Open Shop, which is made up of non-union construction companies and firms with workforces belonging to alternate unions like CLAC.