B.C. is earning an international reputation as a difficult place to do business. Pipelines and mining developments are just some of the projects being stalled by a vocal minority in B.C. What these protesters don’t realize is that major projects strengthen our economy by creating countless spin-off jobs like residential, institutional, commercial and industrial projects. Major projects bring wealth to a community and drive business to contractors in all fields, like new plumbing installations for a newly renovated complex, or building a new hospital for a growing town.

A recent poll ICBA commissioned to NRG Research Group suggests that these groups do not speak for the majority of British Columbians.

An overwhelming 84 per cent of British Columbians support responsible development in the province and understand that new projects create much needed direct and in-direct jobs in communities. Click here to view the poll results that explores support for various projects throughout B.C.

As ICBA continues to enhance our benefits and services for members, we will also take on this new challenge – standing up for responsible development in our province, getting shovels in the ground and putting B.C. to work. We hope you will join us in bringing projects to ‘Yes’ and join our group of supporters determined to show that responsible development balances the needs of a community and the project while safeguarding the environment. We encourage you to join the fight and sign up at www.icba.ca/Growing-The-Economy.