Many ICBA members have expressed frustration with promises of service by a certain date from BC Hydro only to be disappointed. In fact, when contractors put together a risk registry for a job, service from BC Hydro is always near the top of the list.

VANCOUVER, B.C.: AUGUST 11 2011 - The BC Hydro building at 333 Dunsmuir, Vancouver, August 11 2011. Gerry Kahrmann / PNG staff photo) ( For Prov News )

BC Hydro and ICBA have put together a working group focused on improving Hydro’s customer service.  Rick Boates, chair of ICBA and president of Unitech Construction along with Ron Chambers of Chambers Electric, Werner Friesen of Berts Electric, Steve Nemetz of Nemetz & Associates, and Ron Gabel of Darwin Construction have begun meeting with senior officials from BC Hydro on issues that have been raised by our members.

While talk of better service is easy, this time there appears to be a real commitment from the senior executives at BC Hydro to make real changes that impact customer service. If there are any issues or any examples of poor customer service you would like raised, contact the ICBA office so we can be sure it is brought forward.  There is a real opportunity to reduce one of the risks now faced by our industry. Contact us at 604-298-7795 or email to discuss this issue.