Our training department is hard at work organizing brand-new courses for 2018! The latest addition is our Municipal Map Reading & Utility Safety Workshop. The first session takes place March 21st in Burnaby! 

This course is designed to give participants an understanding on how to interpret and read documentation that relates to the Municipal Infrastructure.

Participants will learn the related Regulations, Acts and Master Municipal Construction Documents as well as blueprint reading symbols, legend and design specifications for local cities, municipalities and townships.

They will also review BC One Call documentation, utility owner’s roles and responsibilities, ground disturbers’ roles and responsibilities, and safe utility locating practices.

After completing this course students will get a better understanding of how to read and interpret municipal Construction Drawings.

You can register for this workshop and any of our other training courses at www.icba.ca/training. And don’t miss out on any of our new courses by subscribing to our training newsletter at www.icba.ca/trainignnewsletter. You don’t want to miss the latest updates!