Are emails the bane of your existence some days? Do you want to learn some valuable time-saving shortcuts for dealing with your Microsoft Outlook?

Of course you do. And our Microsoft Outlook – Strategic Management course will help you do just that! This one-day course will teach you powerful organizational strategies that will save you hours of time every week.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Understand how outlook is set up and the types of information it can track
  • Create, format and send messages
  • Create or modify signatures for e-mail
  • Choose customized outlook settings and views
  • Organize and manage messages using quick steps
  • Utilize the powerful search tools in outlook
  • Create rules and out of office notices
  • Use the To Do bar to manage tasks
  • Manage multiple calendars
  • Create and organize tasks, appointments, meetings and events
  • Create and manage notes, tasks and journals
  • Utilize options such as voting buttons, flags or level of importance 
  • Create contacts and groups

Plus, you’ll earn 1 Gold Seal Credit and 7 Group A CPD Points from BC Housing.

Our next session is on June 22 in Burnaby, and then we’re heading to Prince George on June 27! Register for this or any of our other upcoming training at We add new courses nearly every week!