Looking to enhance your skills as a project manager? Check out our Construction Project Management workshop! The next one is July 18-19 in Burnaby, followed by October 17-18 in Kelowna and October 21-22 in Prince George.

Here’s just some of what you’ll be able to do by the end of this two-day session:

  • Understand the importance of project planning
  • Understand the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK 5th Ed)
  • Use the appropriate CCDC/CCA contract and/or Purchase Orders for the project
  • Use risk management tools and mitigate for risk
  • Understand the estimating process
  • Understand the importance of scheduling and use appropriate scheduling tools
  • Understand expectations management and adapt communication accordingly
  • Understand the components of projects – labour, materials and overheads – and use of techniques to maximize job profitability and minimize costs
  • Do post-mortem analysis after project completion
  • Understand the impact and methodology of construction cost control
  • Use of site and office project cost control methods
  • Use Construction Industry Codes to analyse costs vs budget
  • Adapt the project estimate to a project budget
  • Understand how job costing fits within the overall accounting systems
  • Understand Return on Investment (ROI) and how this impacts required project profit margins
  • Understand the contract process from bidding to project close-out
  • Use of job profit forecasting methods to integrate into company forecasting systems
  • Understand the importance of cash flow projections for construction companies

Plus, you’ll earn 32 CPD Points from BC Housing! Register for this or any of our other upcoming courses atwww.icba.ca/courses.