Concerned about how to achieve your Step Code targets effectively? We have the course for you! Our half-day Strategic & Cost-Effective Stop Code Compliance for Part 9 Buildings workshop is in Burnaby October 29, Victoria November 7, and Kelowna November 18!

This course will not only enhance your comprehension of the Step Code for Part 9 buildings, it will enable you to prioritize the energy conservation measures you consider for your projects based on construction cost and energy impact.  By attending this seminar, you will:

  • Refresh your understanding of building science fundamentals
  • Understand the Step Code performance targets, and to what extent their achievement is influenced by:
    • Building envelope components (windows, wall assemblies, etc.)
    • Building airtightness
    • HVAC equipment selections
  • Improve your ability to:
    • Facilitate an efficient design and documentation cycle, from acquisition of development permit through to submission of the building permit application
    • Ensure design details, particularly related to airtightness, are successfully implemented in the field
  • Learn to predict which Step Code projects will be especially challenging
  • Be able to identify and rank the most cost-effective measures for achieving Step Code targets, and estimate corresponding cost premiums
  • Expand your knowledge about high efficiency mechanical systems and their relevance to Step Code, including:
    • Common and not-so-common options for hot water heating, space conditioning and ventilation
    • Proper application, selection, and installation of equipment

And, you’ll earn 4 CPD Points from BC Housing!

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