Construction contractors are problem solvers, and the economic carnage of the COVID-19 pandemic is Canada’s most pressing problem right now. In this inaugural issue of Merit Canada’s Construction InSites we talk about the role construction can play in helping Canada chart a path to economic renewal and revitalization.

Over one million men and women work in construction in Canada and the federal and provincial governments had already prioritized infrastructure investments well before the pandemic – and rightly so, since they deliver quick and effective economic stimulus and position us for long-term competitiveness. In the wake of the pandemic, infrastructure investment will be all the more important as we look for ways to create jobs and opportunities for all Canadians.

Contractors are also bottom-line focused, and know that every dollar needs to be stretched far. In this publication we lay out both the case for accelerated infrastructure investment, and the criteria that will ensure it delivers maximum value to the most communities and the greatest number of Canadians.

And on a cautionary note, we flag the threat of building trades union-only procurement, which as history had clearly demonstrated, badly weakens the impact of accelerated infrastructure funding, and freezes out the majority of the men and women in the construction sector.

We are all in the pandemic together, sacrificing so much, so it is important that we all share in the recovery and that no one is left out or left behind. Our past has taught us that the best and most durable solutions take shape when Canadians answer the call to work together and are unified in the face of adversity.

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