Kerry and Jordan talk about two of ICBA’s signature programs: our Painting & Decorating Red Seal Challenge course ( and our ICBA Workplace Wellness Program (

Painting Red Seal Challenge

The Red Seal Challenge Program for Painter and Decorators is designed to develop the theoretical and practical knowledge of experienced Painter and Decorators to prepare them to successfully challenge the Red Seal exam and build their understanding of the trade.

Thanks Concord Painting & Wallcovering, Corrcoat Services, Lincor Enterprises, M&L Painting, Sherwin Williams and Cloverdale Paint for your incredible support of this program!

Over 14 weeks, participants will work through the course content of Levels 1, 2, and 3, with online courses, virtual classroom sessions, video demonstrations and other activities to ensure that all learning styles are supported. Participants will not need to take time off work for this program. Participants will not need to take time off work for this program.

Topics covered in the program are:

  • Use Safe Work Practices
  • OH&S Regulations and WorkSafeBC PPE Safety Training Overview
  • Workplace Hazards
  • Trade Math Fundamentals
  • Drawings and Specifications
  • Industry Tools and Equipment Surface Preparation
  • Paint Technology
  • Colour Theory Paint and Coating Application
  • Correction Paint and Coating Failures
  • Wood Finishes
  • Decorative/Specialty Finishes
  • Wall Covering Procedures
  • Industrial Paints and Coatings
  • Spray Application

Please note: This program is recommended for anyone wanting to challenge the Painter and Decorator Interprovincial (IP) Red Seal Exam who can prove a minimum of 8,100 work hours of directly related work experience. It is recommended that participants have approval from their Apprenticeship Authority.

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ICBA Workplace Wellness Program

Offered free-of-charge to ICBA members, our new Workplace Wellness Program is designed to promote individual wellbeing and to foster healthy culture change in construction workplaces, through engaging information and resources. The program is scalable to companies of all sizes, and features ongoing client support and self-paced online courses and other delivery tools.

Materials Delivered Monthly — Theme-specific materials are delivered in digital formats:

  • Overview of theme and resources
  • Multiple short educational pieces
  • Multiple toolbox talks
  • Site posters
  • Virtual professional development courses (optional add-on)
  • Plus an engaging, self-paced online course, delivering informative multi-media content, including practical tips and links to other resources.

Thanks Canada Life for your support of ICBA Wellness!

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