The following news about ICBA member Acadia Northwest Mechanical first appeared in The Terrace Standard newspaper, Sept. 13, 2021:

The secret to their success? Teamwork, mentorship and a commitment to continued improvement.

From humble beginnings as a one-man operation to a crew of two dozen employees serving all of Northern BC, Acadia Northwest Mechanical has made a name as a business you can trust. And now a panel of judges from Build Magazine has made it official: Acadia is the best plumbing and heating company in Northern BC.

Businesses are nominated by engineering and architecture firms, before judges research each company’s contributions to the sector. Research and analysis can take up to eight weeks, and at the end of it Acadia Northwest Mechanical came out on top.

General Manager Tyler Cameron is at the helm of many large projects from Kitimat, Terrace, Haida Gwaii and the Northwest BC. Cameron’s leadership and determination are a big part of the company’s recent success — Cameron has the crew of talented tradespeople and office staff working together seamlessly, and has successfully landed contracts with big businesses in the area.

Acadia Northwest Mechanical’s team proudly includes tradespeople and administrative staff from a wide range of backgrounds, and young apprentices appreciate the on-the-job training they receive from more experienced staff.

Among the mentors is 80-year-old Dick Graf who doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Schooling is important, but it’s hard to beat half-a-century of on-the-job experience, and staff at Acadia are lucky to learn from Graf every day. They don’t take offence to feedback, they’re grateful for tips that make them better and faster in the long run.

Continuous learning is essential in an industry that has seen big changes. Technology has changed the game so much that now Acadia staff can monitor pumps in remote northwest villages from an office computer in Terrace, and spring into action when repairs are required. Tyler’s brother Corey is also a big part of the Acadia business, and has gained advanced certification to give clients top-notch service. With everyone on the team committed to each other and to continued knowledge growth, it’s no wonder they’ve seen so much success.

Having a great reputation not only helps the company acquire contracts, it also helps Acadia attract and retain top talent. Many Acadia employees have worked at the company for decades, and their robust mentorship means young employees are guided to a bright future.

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