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It’s easy to get jaded with politicians sometimes, but Todd Doherty proves there are still good people doing good work in the House of Commons.

Todd, the MP for Cariboo-Prince George, was 14 years old when his best friend died by suicide. Decades later, still moved by the memory of his friend. Todd introduced a motion in Parliament to create 9-8-8 as an emergency phone number for people contemplating suicide. It’s taken years to get approved and off the ground, but he’s done it: the CRTC has announced it will make 9-8-8 happen.

Unsurprisingly, Todd was deeply moved:

“On the morning of Aug. 31, my team sent a tweet from the CRTC informing Canadians it will be bringing 9-8-8 to Canada. I pulled over my truck in the Canadian Tire parking lot and wept. I couldn’t stop the tears. For over an hour, I tried to compose myself. I still tear up just thinking about it.”

In an op-ed for iPolitics.ca, Todd writes about his friend’s death by suicide, and his work to get 9-8-8 up and running. Every Canadian should read it.

9-8-8, Canada’s new national suicide prevention phone number, will save lives. Thanks for leading the way on this, Todd Doherty.

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