Throughout October, our ICBA Workplace Wellness program has focused on cancer awareness. Every year, nearly a quarter of a million Canadians are diagnosed with cancer (to give you a reference point, that’s roughly the population of Burnaby). While the fatality rate is declining, still more than 85,000 Canadians will die of cancer this year.

It’s amazing to see how far cancer awareness has come from the days of Terry Fox’s lonely Marathon of Hope in 1980. Now we have Movember, Crucial Catch, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Terry Fox Runs, Relay for Life, and a number of other campaigns that raise money and awareness. It’s a testament to how this disease affects so many.

Did you know 40% of all cancer cases are preventable? There are things we eat, drink, breathe and do that affect our cancer risk.

We’ll leave you this month with the Canadian Cancer Society’s top 6 ways to reduce your risk of cancer:

  1. Live smoke-free
  2. Be sun safe
  3. Have a healthy body weight
  4. Eat well
  5. Move more, sit less
  6. Limit alcohol

For more tips, click HERE.

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