Last week, I was searching for a piece in the ICBA Independent archives, and I came across this post from 2017 – a note from ICBA life member Len Remple on the day the Trudeau Government removed the secret ballot for federal unionization votes. It’s a powerful reminder of what our association was founded on:

The open shop concept is a treasure to be protected, fostered, encouraged, expanded and guarded vigilantly. Remember always: those who oppose the open shop concept will never genuinely accept it as a permanent part of our economy. The open shop concept is a constant gift to labour and therefore is a threat to unionization. ICBA must remain on guard and avoid the danger of complacency.

Reflect on a loss of freedom for the federal worker that took place in Canada’s parliament in the week ending June 18, 2017. The Liberal government canceled the secret ballot for voting for or against unionizing. Now all that is required is a card being signed by an employee…

I recognize it is difficult to infuse a second-generation passion for a cause that we are now enjoying, but that is exactly my hope for ICBA members. 

Be vigilant, NOT COMPLACENT.

Len passed away this summer, and he is greatly missed.