Supplementaries to CCDC Contracts
March 29-31 | Live online
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What has caused these changes to industry standard contract clauses?  Allocation of risk often gets modified in contract clauses based on Project Owner’s or their lawyer’s past experiences. The issue with modifications to contract clauses is the lack of understanding of what the clause means and its associated risks to Project Owners, Consultants, Contractors, and other Stakeholders.

If the risk materializes:

  • disputes arise,
  • relationships are damaged,
  • project costs can increase,
  • schedules can be compromised,
  • bidders can jeopardize their businesses and
  • the potential for litigation increases.

It starts with reading and understanding the general conditions and associated supplementary conditions in the contract.  By exploring some supplementary general conditions, you will hear from the perspectives of the Project Owner, Consultant and Contractor on why each clause exists and how to address the clause.  But why?  Because without awareness, you cannot mitigate or manage the impacts of the clauses!

With decades of experience, the project partners (Owner, Consultant, and Contractor) will, from their perspectives, assist you to:

  • Understand WHAT the risks are in CCDC, CCA, and provincial standard contracts that have been modified by supplementary conditions.
  • Discover WHY these clauses are modified and what they mean.
  • Learn that everyone interprets the clause from a different lens and what that looks like from each other’s perspective.
  • Develop strategies on HOW to address the impact of these clauses.
  • Apply what you have learned to determine the COSTS associated with these clauses.

Supplementaries to CCDC Contracts
March 29-31 | Live online
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